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  Dietmar Hencke

  Curriculum Vitae
  Professional career:

  Studies: Mechanics specialising in Chemical engineering on the
  Technical University of Braunschweig

  Grant for an additional year at IGC (Institut de Génie Chimique)

  1965 Starting in Ets. Neu in Lille as a Project engineer

  1967 Change into the export department connected with many
  travels East Europe and Middle East. Design,  Sales,  
  Realisation and Commisioning of big ventilation installations
   - so called a fully comprehensive job

  1973 Move to Germany: Managing director of
  Industrielufttechnik DeltaNeu GmbH at Obermörlen
  Marketing and sales of ventilation components - Sales area

  1975 LTG Lufttechnische GmbH at Stuttgart -
  Manager of the department Textile Air Technologies: Design,
  Sales, Realising of textie air installations, bearer of several 

  1979 Neuero Industrietechnik, Melle, Sales manager for
  pneumatical ship unloading installations for grain and
  food stuff: For canal and sea ships.
  Projects in Europe, South America, Jemen (Hodeida)

  1984 GebhardtVentilatoren, Waldenburg as an
  Export Sales Manager (13 years) and later as a Marketing
  manager and  manager of direct sales "GebhardtDirect" (7years)

  Since January 2004: Retired

  This means only being active on my own account in the field of
  translations, consulting, marketing, ...