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  Dietmar Hencke

  • The school where I made my final examins in 1958
Herbart-Gymnasium Oldenburg
  • Technical University (formerly Technical Highschool), where I made my studies
TU Braunschweig
  • The Institute at Toulouse, where I completed my engineers studies
Institut du Génie Chimique
  • Technical translations: Reference N° 01  
ALDES (Deutschland)
  • Technical translations: Reference N° 02
CIAT (Deutschland)
  • SES the organisation, with which I worked in China. A "play ground" for retired experts who don't feel useless.
Senior Expert Service
  • Adrenalin in the air: The world's gratest free fall simulator for everybody. One of the most exiting experiences I ever made. Equipped with Gebhardt fans.                                                                                         Alone this is worth a trip to Paris!
  • BMW Forum of K 1200 RS/GT-bikers, Experiences, Meetings,  Help
The Forum of K1200-bikers
  • The city where I live
Schwäbisch Hall
  • .On of the best photo clubs in Germany. The chapter "Galerien" is showing the quality of the photo shots.
Fotoclub Obersulm